Christmas Girlhood Giveaway

We’re giving away TWO issues of The “Stepping Heavenward” Girlhood Home Companion, plus TWO companion CD’s: A Glimpse Into the Past.

Leave a comment about a favorite memory from a childhood Christmas.¬† This can be about a particular Christmas you experienced (maybe one of hardship) or your memories of them in general. Share about a Christmas present you wanted very¬† and received (or didn’t receive). Is their a special ornament that you remember? Or tell about extended family who always came to visit, and what they were like.

Answer any or all of the above, and have fun!

Winners will be pulled the 20th so we can mail your gift for Christmas!

Merry CHRISTmas,


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  1. Each year all the family (both sides) would come stay at our home for Christmas Eve…it was a wondeful time. Although, I hated giving up my bed! :o)

  2. One of my favorite Christmas memories is when I was a little girl and we recieved a secret santa package. It just seemed so magical the lights where glowing on the christmas tree and our little home was warm and cheery and their was the sweet feeling that their was someone out in the world that was thinking of us. It has always been a very sweet memory and so now that I have a family of my own we try and go secret santaing our selves.

  3. I remember being a little girl and getting the bicycle that I had always wanted. The bicycle was a 10 speed. I was so excited. My daddy was my
    santa claus. He was so very special to me. My mother was too.

  4. One Christmas during the recession of the mid 1980s, my parents had no money for Christmas gifts. So, for the month leading up to Christmas, we all busily worked on the weekends (kids had help from Mom and Dad) with making special gifts for each other. We made amazing things for each other out of wood and fabric and other items around the house that we already had – and I still use some of those gifts 25 years later! It was my favorite Christmas ever!

  5. My favorite part of Christmas while I was little was going to my maternal grandmother’s house. Most years we spent Christmas Eve there and all day Christmas day. My mom is the oldest and four or five of her younger siblings still lived at home – the youngest were only six and eight years older than me. More uncles, aunts and cousins would show up on Christmas day. Lots of food, loud talking and laughter, presents, board games, and card games.

  6. Every year our children recite Luke 2: 1-20 in German because we are a German speaking family. Now the children have turned it into a Christmas play with backdrops, costumes, and acting. It is something we look forward to each year! We also sing lots of Christmas carols by candlelight and then we share gifts with each other. We do this at their grandparents’ home where we have a sleepover each Christmas. We have a cozy Christmas Eve together of celebrating (German tradition) and the next morning, we enjoy breakfast together and then we all go skating/playing hockey on the pond at my brother’s farm.

  7. I remember when my brothers and I surprised my mom with a microwave. We were teenagers so she was really surprised we would get that for her.

  8. The first Christmas that I ever had enough money to buy my parents Christmas presents I bought my dad a new radio alarm clock. His alarm clock was very old and the radio did not work. Every night he would reset it and wake up to static in the morning. I was so excited to finally be able to do something for the man who had done everything for me.

  9. One of my memories is going with my mother to my grandmother’s house the day before Christmas eve and helping her get ready for our family’s Christmas eve gathering. I always enjoyed helping her and anticipating Christmas. My grandmother is celebrating Christmas with Jesus now, but I miss her here.

  10. I remember waiting in the hallway to go into the living room. We all had to be together before we went in. Then I remember all the beautiful lights on the tree and presents under and around the tree. Some not wrapped because Santa had brought them. It seemed so magical. It was a beautiful room. Still is. My parents have been in that house for 41 years now. In fact we had an early Christmas last weekend there, with my folks and my 97 year Grandma. I miss my other grandparents dearly but feel so blessed to Grandma with us still.

  11. I remember Mom holding a gift until the end for me one Christmas. Years earlier at age 4 I had given away a doll that I thought a less fortunate child would like. I loved that doll and never understood why mom gave it away. I didn’t realize I’d chosen that doll especially to give away. When I was 22 Mom had found it at a local flea market and had it cleaned up for me. It was the best gift that year!! And, yes, I knew it was my doll by the special haircut I’d given her.

  12. One of my favorite Christmas memories is from when I was 5 years old and all I wanted for Christmas was an inch worm. I got one and was the happiest 5 year old in the world! My other favorite memories were going to Midnight Mass at my grandma and grandpa’s church and getting to set the table with the good silver in the beautiful box for Christmas Dinner.

  13. It was a tradition every Christmas to read the Gospel accounts of Christ’s birth before we opened presents. Once we read the Story we passed out Christmas presents one at a time and waited while each person opened a gift. Most times siblings presents were just as much a of a surprise as our own.

  14. It was our first Christmas as a married couple and our finances were meager. Our little Christmas tree reminded me of the ‘The Gift of The Magi’, with the two gifts placed under its boughs. My husband’s gift was a brightly wrapped package of oatmeal and mine was a pair of dress shields. Nothing spectacular, but oh so appreciated.

    We really had an opportunity to focus on the true meaning of Christmas that morning. It was so special, simple and sweet.

    Hours later, a knock at the door hearalded the arrival of a huge package. Our neighbors had accepted it for us from the postman, in our absence the day before. Our family, from many miles away, had not forgotten us. The gifts were so very thoughtful, but we realized how our first austere celebration had actually been like the simplicity of the creche that first Christmas morn so many years ago.

    Thirty-nine years later we still are grateful for our meager Christmas morning together, but most importantly we rejoice in our Heavenly Father’s gift to us that first Christmas morning when His son came to earth.

  15. I remember a Christmas when I was little and my dad had lost his job and times were hard and my uncle and aunt bought us toys because they thought we wouldn’t have Christmas but my dad being the person he was still managed to provide us a Christmas….now I really appreciate all he did to make that Christmas happen but also my aunt and uncle for thinking of us.

  16. When I was younger, my parents had a Christmas decoration they put in the downstairs bathroom. It was a gold globe that had Santa and his reindeer in it. Well, one year the Santa’s head fell off. I found this hysterical, and would laugh every time I saw it. No one glued it back on, but it just sat next to his body for a while. Eventually I took the head, wrapped it up as a gift, and put it under the tree for my mother. 25 years later, my family still exchanges the Santa Head Christmas morning almost every year. :)

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