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I remember my mother sharing the story of her girlhood and how on rainy days she used to climb up to the attic of the summer cottage her parents owned. There she would lay on her tummy and read bound volumes of comics. I’m sure she enjoyed herself, but how much more would she have loved to read a publication like The Girlhood Home Companion?

As I look over pages of The Girlhood Home Companion, I am in awe of the beauty I find there – beauty for the heart, mind, and soul. The Girlhood Home Companion is an encouragement for today’s Christian girls, and a profitable tool in the hands of the mothers and grandmothers who are raising them. If you have never read The Girlhood Home Companion, you’re in for a treat, and so is your daughter! Our back issue Treasury Albums are now 25% off (use the code: “springsale” when you place your order) or purchase the current single issues advertised below.

Listen to the April Tea Cozy – Our Compliments
I am very happy to share the April Tea Cozy conversation I had a few years ago with Lisa Steigerwalt. Lisa is the Girlhood Home Companion’s resident tea and etiquette editor and in this talk, she shares the benefits of establishing a weekly teatime ritual in our homes. You will find the link at the end of the article on Teatime Hospitality. Put on the kettle, settle back, and listen to this inspiring conversation. You can purchase the Tea Cozy club in single issues or a 12-month bundle.

Bulk Orders
If you want to order any of our products for your church or homeschool group, or as birthday favors or tea party gifts, please contact us at (859) 881-1960, and we will be glad to give you the bulk discount rate information.