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Summer reading sale copy“A good book is the most appropriate gift that friendship can make.
It never changes; it never grows unfashionable or old…
but always its clean clear pages are ready to amuse, interest and instruct.”
~The Golden Treasury of Home Thoughts 1878

Dear Moms,

Do you remember those lazy days of summer, devouring book after book when you were a girl? I do. I used to sit on a lawn chair in the back yard of my childhood home and fritter away the hours reading Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden. And when I was in my teens, I was captivated by the glossy pages of Seventeen Magazine. Even though I enjoyed those publications at the time, in truth, they didn’t profit my heart at all. I wasn’t a Christian and I didn’t know that what I needed most in my life was a relationship with the Living God.

That’s why I hope your daughter will be able to experience The Girlhood Home Companion in her formative years. This beautiful publication ministers to the heart and soul of the Christian girl and encourages her to grow in her relationship with the Lord while lovingly serving her family. Our contributors share the lessons they have learned about life from a Christian perspective through interesting articles, editorials, and projects centering on all aspects of godly character for a girl’s heart and home.

If you’re looking for a profitable way to take advantage of the slower pace of summer, let me encourage you to spend some leisurely time in your daughter’s company enjoying The Girlhood Home Companion or our newly revised book on jounaling entitled: Every Day is a Gift. These publications are a labor of love and the fruit that comes from reading nourishing products like these will be evident as you see faith springing up in fresh new ways!

If you are new to our publications, I cannot emphasize how important it is to have quality reading material for you and your daughter to share and discuss together. Our thinking and actions are formed early by the kind of words and images we dwell on, and that’s why these publications, which so beautifully incorporate the word of God into all aspects of life will influence your daughter’s heart and yours in such a lovely and winsome way.

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Jill Novak