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Dear friends and subscribers,

I just had to share this wonderful letter we received today about our new issue.Thought you would enjoy it.

Hello Novak Family,

My amazingly beautiful copy of The Girlhood Companion arrived safe and sound. I might add that it is INCREDIBLE! I simply am drooling over every nook and cranny of it! You have rekindled the kindred spirit, red-headed girl in me and renewed my fervor for my romantic inclinations. I may not be Anne Shirley, but there are days when my red-head and freckled face has felt exactly like her! Now that I am 35, I still feel like that character and am inspired by her zeal for life. Thank you for breathing life into the cobwebs and  seemingly foggy (at times) mind, where I’ve forgotten to embrace Anne with an “e” or Katherine with a “K.” I can’t wait to share the amazing stories with my 2 daughters and explore all the fun nuances of her character.

I might add that Breezy and her sister Emily Rose have such a gift to share and their paper dolls are wonderful! I’ve been following them for a while on their blogs and was so excited to see their work in your magazine! Fun!!

To my delight, I was pleased to see the Stubb’s Family highlighted again! I was introduced to them this summer in your magazine and went out to buy their Farmer’s Market material as quick as I could! I also am following them on their blog and have enjoyed reading all about their world.

If the magazine hadn’t already been packed with fun and excitement I almost fell off my chair when I saw Audrey and Tim Hollatz being featured with their photography, recipes and their tea room! Last year my brother and now sister-in-law were married in their beautiful garden and  had the reception in the tea house. It was lovely and Audrey and Tim are incredibly sweet!

Congratulations on publishing such a lovely and edifying magazine! The Lord has blessed your hands and hearts…

Thanks in advance and have a wonderful day!

April M. Choate