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Comments from Our Readers


“I just received our first copy of the magazine!!!…I’ve only flipped through it and I’m LOVING what I see!!! It’s lovely. Oh, my word! If you have girls and are raising them to be Christian women – you should get this magazine. And I’ve only flipped through it!

Hi Ladies!

“This is a fabulous magazine…It is a wonderful magazine for your girls and you! I love it and this edition is FABULOUS! It has a whole section dedicated to Anne of Green Gables! Loved it! Plus a beautiful article with Prairie Flower Linda and her girls! It’s great!”


“My amazingly beautiful copy of The Girlhood Companion arrived safe and sound. I might add that it is INCREDIBLE! I simply am drooling over every nook and cranny of it! You have rekindled the kindred spirit, red-headed girl in me and renewed my fervor for my romantic inclinations. I may not be Anne Shirley, but there are days when my red-head and freckled face has felt exactly like her! Now that I am 35, I still feel like that character and am inspired by her zeal for life. Thank you for breathing life into the cobwebs and seemingly foggy (at times) mind, where I’ve forgotten to embrace Anne with an “e” or Katherine with a “K.” I can’t wait to share the amazing stories with my 2 daughters and explore all the fun nuances of her character.”