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By Jill Novak

If there is one word that describes The Gift of Family Writing, it’s relationship—the relationship of family members to one another through the written word. The written word has the power to bless and give life because written communication is a gift from God. Only within the security of family relationships do we have the freedom to express what’s on our hearts and anticipate a response. Through  journaling and letter writing, relationships with God and our family members are strengthened.

Interactive Journaling
Interactive journaling is an exchange of words between parents and children, siblings and spouses. This type of journaling is nothing like the secret diaries we grew up with. Family members are encouraged to minister to one another by writing in each other’s journals. Interactive journaling allows words to be given away as gifts for the purpose of building strong relationships; it’s a form of communication that bridges the gap like no other.

Lately, as I have been transcribing one of my children’s life stories or entering a word of encouragement in their journals, I’ve wondered how I can convey the joy I feel when I know that I am connecting with each one of them in such a profound way. I used to think journaling was an option, but I’m not so sure anymore. If there’s no record of your family’s walk with the Lord, what do your children have when they leave home to start families of their own? Only memories! What does the next generation have? A few impressions of their godly heritage—that’s all! When I pondered this question these words came to me in the form of a poem.

No Words ~ by Jill Novak

I had a family but I kept no words

To describe the way their faces looked

Or the way they used to call my name

I try to remember but it’s all so vague.

My mind is old and cannot see

Beyond the veiled tapestry.

The life I know I must have lived

Beyond recall and ever dim.

I ask myself, how can this be?

Oh, memory, how you fail me.

I am often asked, “What kind of words can we write in each other’s journals?” You can write words about everyday moments, special times, Father’s and Mother’s Day, birthdays, blessing parties, anniversaries, observations about life, words of encouragement, apologies, words of healing, and the testimony of your spiritual journey. I’ve highlighted the possibilities in The Gift of Family Writing.

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