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“All my children have a lot of words. They talk constantly. I just have never really known how to turn that into writing, yet after reading your book, it all seemed so simple.” ~Melissa Parsons

Every Day is a Gift is the culmination of eight years of discovery—the journey of how our family began writing together and the joy we’ve experienced along the way. It’s bursting with examples to help you and your family capture your life stories as they happen; and it’s packed with practical tools and ideas that will inspire your children (even the most reluctant ones) to value their personal experiences and write about them creatively. If you feel that writing isn’t your strong point, you’ll gain confidence from this method, and so will your children.

Every Day is a Gift will teach you how to:

  • Enable children of all ages – preschool through high school – to capture their life stories as they happen
  • Equip ALL your children, regardless of their learning styles, to become confident writers
  • Encourage even the most reluctant writers to utilize their oral storytelling skills as the basis for their writing
  • Inspire children who hate to write
  • Develop the practical techniques that “real” authors use as they write from what they know
  • Strengthen family relationships through the written word
  • Communicate vision and a hope in Christ to each of your children
  • Express gratitude for loved ones through tribute writing
  • Preserve your spiritual legacy for future generations

If you’re looking for a way to make writing a
natural part of your everyday life, you’ll love this book…
and your children will too!

Filled with examples of journal entries, essays and writing styles – Every Day is a Gift
is for writers of all ages, by writers of all ages. ~ Jill Novak

For Children

Did you know you can teach your children how to write and preserve family memories at the same time? The Gift of Family Writing transcends age barriers – it works beautifully for little children who can’t read, but have a lot to say, and it works for older children who hate to write or those who are gifted storytellers, but can’t get their thoughts on the page due to developing spelling or handwriting skills. It transcends learning styles, and establishes a strong foundation for writing from what you know, utilizing many techniques that “real” writers use.

For Parents

The Gift of Family Writing isn’t just for children, it’s for parents, too! You’ll be inspired to put your pen to paper as you read about the different ways you can write to and with your children. Family journaling, memoir, personal essay, letter writing, and spiritual testimonies, and tributes are just a few of the genres that you will explore in The Gift of Family Writing. You’ll be motivated to make writing a priority when you see how the written word can strengthen family relationships and preserve a spiritual legacy for generations to come.

A Learning Lifestyle for the Whole Family

The Gift of Family Writing isn’t an activity, it’s a lifestyle. It’s a way of seeing and thinking, a way of appreciating the little things in life, a way of savoring everyday moments and valuing the individuality of family members. Written by Jill Novak and published by Remembrance Press, The Gift of Family Writing will show you how to connect your family’s hearts on paper and nurture family relationships.


“Jill Novak has written a truly helpful resource that will bless all families. What a gem… visually appealing, inspiring, and practical.” – Ann Voskamp, Holy Experience.

“Fantastic… an inspiration and a comfort.” – Rebecca Ponce

“Has motivated my children like nothing ever has before. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!” – Leslie K.

“Exactly what I’ve been looking for.” – Susan Nelson

“Now I’ll be able to clearly trace the hand of the Lord in our lives, and I’m so excited about that.” – Colleen L.

“You blessed me abundantly… may the Lord bless you in return.” – Shannon

“Deep in my heart I was wanting a way to preserve [our family] memories, but never had a clear idea of how to do it. Now, I do!” – Sheri Graham.

“I have been deeply encouraged to cherish the special, everyday moments. How valuable it is to see life through that perspective and capture it on paper. I started doing that recently, then your book arrived and the message brought it all to life and spurred me on.” – Barbara S.

What’s so refreshing about Remembrance Press is that it reminds families how to take an ordinary day, and write about it so simply and beautifully, that it turns a plain day into a cherished memory; giving your family a written record of the blessings from the Lord. Remembrance Press shows how important communication is, through our writing and actions, to demonstrate the love of God, and how it starts with our families first. – Gena Suarez, Publisher, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine