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Stepping HeavenwardCompanion. It’s not a word you hear much anymore, but in the 1800’s it was commonly used to describe a young woman’s employment by an older relative or family acquaintance. A mature girl, usually 12 or older, would be hired to spend countless hours keeping her elderly charge company. While “having tea” or sitting together in the drawing room, the two would discuss matters of general interest and domesticity.

Besides reading the Bible, it was the companion’s job to read through volumes of books such as Emerson’s Essays and Voices of the Night Ballads and Other Poems by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. And if her older counterpart happened to “doze off” during one of those prolonged reading sessions, the youngster was free, for a time, to pursue her own interests.

Being a companion was tiresome work – but not without its rewards, especially if your employer planned to travel abroad. You may remember the scene in Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women where Jo grumbles about the injustices of having to be the companion of that “crabby old miser” Aunt March. The only bright spot on her horizon was a potential trip to Europe. The relationship between the two March women was strained and hardly represents the true spirit in which companionship is to be given or received.

The word “companion” is found only 13 times in the Bible. In the Greek New Testament it is “sugkoinonos,” meaning “participant with others in anything, a joint partnership.” Another word which is closely related is “sunergos,” meaning “a companion of labor, one who labors in furthering the cause of Christ.”

I think these two words perfectly describe the ministry of The Girlhood Home Companion. We are joint partners with your daughter, helping her to participate in all that is feminine and lovely as she grows in the Lord, and a companion in labor, helping her cultivate godly character qualities, thus furthering the cause of Christ.

The Girlhood Home Companion is a beautiful full color print magazine that encourages young ladies (ages 10-18) to enjoy their precious girlhood years while walking closely with the Lord and developing a deeper relationship with Him. Filled with the wisdom of writers from the past and present, each edition features encouraging articles and stories that center on one character quality per issue. Each theme is explored in-depth through editorials, articles, and stories that will minister to the heart of your daughter, while teaching her the practical skills of homemaking, cooking, crafts, sewing and other girlhood pastimes.

There is nothing so lovingly designed with the heart of a Christian girl in mind as The Girlhood Home Companion. Timeless, it continues to inspire daughters, mothers, and grandmothers of all ages.

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Although we are not currently offering subscriptions at this time, there are over 24 timeless issues in print to choose from. We produce new issues of The Girlhood Home Companion as our schedule allows, and notify our audience when the new ones are available.

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